Corporate Groups.

Teambuilding with Alive Adventures.

West Strand is a perfect backdrop and beach for our wet activities and our great team of instructors will keep you safe and make sure you have an amazing day! We also have a fantastic Hotel venue close by for our dry activities combined with a great restaurant and bar, perfect for relaxing and recovering after your team building event with fantastic food and drinks. We have years of experience in making sure you and your colleagues and friends have a great day at the beach and in the hotel.


Key Benefits:

  • Increase open and effective communication,
  • Increase problem-solving as a team,
  • Boost morale,
  • Heighten motivation,
  • Strengthen teamwork,
  • Challenge employees physically, emotionally, and intellectually,
  • Build personal, and professional relationships between colleagues/departments,
  • Experience a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere for people to share in.


All of the activities at Alive Adventures can be booked using a voucher. Why not purchase one for a friend or family member to mark a special occasion. Our vouchers have no expiry date, giving you peace of mind and the flexibility of booking whenever you like. Gift vouchers can be used for surfing, kayaking, paddleboarding, bodyboarding, ebike rental, kids surf camp or a private 1-2-1 lesson and are easily redeemed online. If you have any questions regarding vouchers, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be sure to get back to you.


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